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Thursday, October 02, 2003

So the cure is...

Pray, pay and obey. Basically, because complaining is (1) goofy because it's no big deal--just another group pumping more CO into the air ducts; (2) an ego trip--you're never happy; (3) pointless, because if they're not listening, why bother; (4) counterproductive, and it's better to do nothing; (5) if you absolutely must (and you really shouldn't), it's better directed to publications and groups the university/archdiocese already ignores/barely tolerates.

If I read it correctly, don't complain because it's tacky. It's mean. Let the diocese handle it. Quietly, with romanitas. Or, more likely, not at all. But that's OK because, ultimately, they know better than you.

Well, why not? It's certainly tried and true. Not to mention that it's served us all so well in the recent past.

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