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Friday, October 17, 2003

Tedious Apostate Empties His Loo Bucket.

Exhibit A for the Mandatum, Marquette University Professor Daniel Maguire was given a podium today by the L.A. Times to comment on the 25th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II. In the style of a MD 20/20-chugging Marquette frat boy, Dan fires loogies off the balcony, hootin' and hollerin' all the while.

His battle cry? Well, it's the same as every tedious progressive windbag who weighs in on the problems of the Church, be it Eugene Kennedy, Gary Wills or more recently, Andrew Sullivan: "Free willy!"

I'm beginning to think that the "tedious" before "apostate" is redundant.

Maguire is a moral and intellectual pygmy who will be lucky to be referred to in footnotes thirty years hence. To the extent religious books are found in remainder bins, his works are prominent in them, going out of print faster than an open Pepsi loses its fizz.

I don't feel like soiling my blog with Maguire's words, so I'm not going to post any. Fisking Maguire is--at best--identical to trying to find durable items your dog has eaten. If you don't have to do it, don't bother.

With Mags, the failure of this or any Pope to affirm anything he wants to do with Little Danny & The Twins (or their unfortunate "byproducts") constitutes a "failure" of "moral" leadership. All the grousing about "pelvic orthodoxy" can be summed up with the word "projection."

It's hardly surprising that Maguire focuses--like a frat boy--on women and pelvises. After all, he dumped the frump for a newer model (Warning: Linked Article Contains Stupidity).

He, and others like him, would be a lot happier as Episcopalians, not to mention much, much, much more honest. Instead, they'll plague us with birdcage liner "insights" like this for the next 20 years or so. Get used to it.

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