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Monday, October 13, 2003

Well, so much for the kid-glove approach.

One of the most infuriating (if less obvious) things about Gov. Jennifer Granholm from the Catholic perspective is her evident, if clueless, admiration for martyr St. Thomas More. The problem, of course, is that while St. Thomas died defending the sanctity of marriage, Granholm won't risk an endorsement in defense of human life. If Granholm resembles anyone from St. Thomas' time, it would be solicitor-general Richard Rich.

"But for Michigan, Jennifer...?"

Her excuse? The anti-infanticide bill doesn't contain a "clear" exception for the health of the adult. Whatever that means. Of course, it's the "health" exception (which, thanks to Doe v. Bolton covers everything from genuine physical health issues on down to ennui--I exaggerate not) that has led to unrestricted abortion in this country. Let's leave for another day that the American Medical Association has said partial birth abortions are "not good medicine", nor is it ever "medically necessary."

Now, of course, we are treated to the predictable scenario: the bongo-drum accompanied retreat of Michigan's Catholic bishops. Count on it. Take it to the bank. There will be muted ambiguous noises from diocesan offices which could be construed as disappointment, but that will be about it. This, naturally, will not satisfy those appalled by the spectacle of a putatively Catholic governor defending the "right" to crush the skulls of delivered viable infants, who will then contact their chanceries to ask when their shepherds are going to do something about it.

Then Grima McGrath (or his equivalent) will deflect the issue and manage to castigate the faithful who treat the Church's teaching on abortion with the utmost seriousness, and some in St. Blog's will actually cheer Grima on in his efforts.

There it will pretty much end. Unless we refuse to let it die, of course.

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