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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I haven't seen a melee like that since Wings v. Avs in 1997.

How 'bout them Red Sox v. Yankees? Rhinoplasty fastballs, coaches rushing players, and players attacking groundskeepers.

Almost as much fun as goalies duking it out--but not quite.

Here's my thoughts on Saturday's Affray in Fenway, or the Pounda by the Mound-a. As a local radio show host here in Motown pointed out, if the Yanks had had a real problem with Martinez' pitch, wouldn't someone besides Don Zimmer have called him out in the 4th inning? Instead, fireplug Zim takes the bull rush, and Martinez obliged him with a head-grasping ole'--and left it at that. Zimmer's fine, and he even apologized. Given the fact Zimmer's career was shortened by a beaning, I can understand his reaction to a perceived beaning of one his guys. But if it was really as bad as NYers are making out, then Garcia should have been the one going ballistic. He didn't. End of story.

Fans of the Evil Empire--get a grip. Take a couple hits off the inhaler. Go to your happy place.

The only important thing right now is this: The series is tied.

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