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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Time to Rudy down...

Jay Anderson has more info about Mayor Giuliani's judicial selections, shooting down any excuses for his failure to appoint the "strict constructionists" he claims to love:

The point Dale makes is one that Ted Olsen tried to make at CPAC. The Politico ran a rebuttal noting that Rudy picked the panel, and actually bucked the panel whenever he thought corruption was involved in a pick. The Politico also noted that Rudy had no problem tangling with other panels over which he had LESS control than the judicial panel.

Politico link here.

Watching Bill Simon, Ted Olson and other rock-ribbed conservatives try to spin the Mayor into something he's not is beginning to give me vertigo. More than a little like watching a barbershop quartet trying to cover Nine Inch Nails, in fact.

["It's not that shocking when you hear it like this:

(Harmonizing) '....from the innnnsiiiiiiiiiiiide....'"]

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