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Monday, March 19, 2007

Doing better.

Yesterday I was just about normal--for me. Which was good, seeing as we had to assemble the bunkbed I purchased for the older two on Saturday, when I was more a zombie. Fortunately, my braaaiiiinsssss-starved brain still had good judgment, as I picked up a nice steel frame model from IKEA (more about that store later). It also may have to stay with the house when we move--I'm not sure how disassemble-friendly it is.

Maddie may have caught model-fever, too. Though it's even money whether she's just jealous of her brother's work with Dad on the armored car. In any event, I promised her we'd go to the hobby store to get her a kit, too. She wanted a "battleship," having heard me talk about my first model kit. This is what she had me get, also on Saturday:

She's a little unclear on the ship class concept, but I have to admit it is a ship designed for battle (it's the same type of ship as the tragic Sheffield). She also turned down my efforts to interest her in the North Carolina and the New Jersey ("Honey--these are battleships--and American, too!"). But another thing in the plus column is that she didn't glom onto another piece of German military hardware. Good--the Sceptred-Isle blood's still showing in one of them.

That said, it's considerably trickier than the Puma--this one is turning into a boot camp for Dad's fine motor skills. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, I picked up a couple of discontinued (read: deeply-discounted) Serta mattresses for the bunkbed, which should serve them well, too. Got to stretch that tax return a little further. The new bed also necessitated the disassembly of the toddler beds (one of which is for sale along with the mattress and a mattress pad--hint, hint, if you're in the Metro Detroit area. Use the email if you're interested). Heather became misty as the toddler beds vanished--I'm sure she'll blog on that, when she gets a chance.

The downside: the kids have caught what I had. Maddie barfed up her dinner on Friday night, and Rachel had a worse case last night. We spend a lovely two hours dealing with everything from the chunky industrial-waste stuff to near-dry heaves. She was a very brave and uncomplaining little girl throughout. No crying and almost no complaints. She's feeling better this morning, albeit with a little "hurt" stomach. No "throw-ups" yet, fortunately. We're waiting for the other shoe to drop with the lad, too. That will complete the course through the family, what with Mom being barred from getting sick by Medes-and-Persians style unalterable patriarchal edict. If she gets bedridden, the house burns down. I even delivered the proclamation in Full Yul Mode: "So let it be written, so let it be done."

Hey, it's worked so far.

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