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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ick is not enough.

A German brother and sister are battling to have the nation's anti-incest law overturned. As an aside, I enjoy the BBC's "forbidden love" spin. A heads up to my British readers (if any): My deep-rooted pro-British sentiment (the mother country, and all that) is waning.

When you bar moral considerations from the scale, look how badly the law's defender's fare. Yes, yes--it's the Beeb, which means that the article is tilted. But the pragmatic dog won't hunt for long. Genetics--well, Hell, our Scientific Messiahs will have the embryonic wonder cure for that, soon enough. Just keep the taxpayer money flowing. In any event, it doesn't apply here because our Misunderstood Male Hero-Victim of Outmoded Social Mores had himself snipped back in 2004.

The most corrosive aspect of the Goodridge decision in Massachusetts is that it explicitly pooh-poohed children as a factor in its analysis. It's all about the mutual comfort of the couples themselves, and Stuebing and Karolewski are harmonizing that line perfectly.

For more fun, take a look at a thread on an older version of this story at Dean's World, and watch the tergiversations as the secular libertarians try--and fail--to draw a line against it. Or outright shrug it off.

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