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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Compare and contrast.

(1) The British are terrified of Frankenfood, which has human genetic material (cue Heston).

(2) But they are demanding Frankenstein be allowed to create human/animal hybrids that are 99.9% human. For spare parts, what what. "It's science!" barks Ron Burgundy.

Ingesting (1) is ungood. Ungoodthink. Injecting (2) is doubleplusgood, we bellyfeel.

I am certain God's favorite form of humor is irony. Otherwise, we wouldn't see so much of it.

We can live beside the ocean/
Leave the fire behind/
Swim out past the breakers/
Watch the world die...

H/t to Bill for the first link, Hilary for the second.

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