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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All aboard!

OK--who's going to the Detroit Catholic Men's Conference this weekend? nudgecough Matt? coughcough Anyone? Bueller?

It's always a good experience, with Charismatic preaching and Traditional piety (last year featured a 20 minute procession of the Blessed Sacrament in a gold Papal monstrance accompanied by singing in Latin, if that gives you any indication).

This year's speakers are Bp. Robert "No, I don't 'grow seminarians like Sea Monkeys,' it just looks that way" Carlson, Ralph Martin and Fr. John Riccardo and his father, John Riccardo. Not a clunker in the bunch, and there never have been. No Richard Rohr manhood-as-perpetual-weeniedom, no dissenters on perpetual nostalgia trips to 1976, none of that. The Archdiocese has its share of problems, but the men's and women's conferences are first-rate productions that serve up Catholicism straight and undiluted.

If you can, go.

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