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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Have fun storming the castle!

[Unseemly language alert.]

Somebody at the Reason [sic] blog engages in autoerotic asphyxia as he imagines a Giuliani presidency:

So is Rudy carving out a niche as the fiscal conservative candidate who'll govern like Reagan without the speeches to the March for Life?

Libertarian IQs seem to have suffered precipitous fall-offs over the past five years. And here's something you can take to the bank: like atheists, the louder and more evangelistic the libertarian, the dumber he is. Which is why I find the emergence of Sam Harris a very comforting phenomenon: if people think that dipshit is some kind of intellectual messiah, persecution isn't exactly around the corner.

Back to the equally brain-dead Giuliani comment, which seems to assume that dumping all those stinky embarrassing pro-lifers overboard in favor of lower taxes will be some electoral gold. Wow--brilliant! A sure recipe for duplicating Alf Landon's numbers. Yes, let's throw overboard the people who, for minimal return, actually are willing to sacrifice and be ground-pounders for the GOP, all so that we can woo--um.... I guess guys who write for Reason.

"Any second thoughts, General Custer?"

Let's try it this way--you don't have people standing outside of tax agency offices across the nation every week asking for an end to high tax brackets. But you do see folks outside of abortion clinics every week. The latter level of commitment is critical for GOTV, especially at the local level. Toss that aside for marginal low-commitment types who can be wooed away on other issues and you have the recipe for permanent minority party status.

Yeah, go ahead Party of Lincoln--consummate your Rudy crush. And after you've finished telling me to piss up a rope, I'll be happy to return the favor.

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