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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Got the Rudy Fever?

Nope--not catching it.

Still not (though there's something of a caveat on this, as I noted in the comments [Update: now part of the body of the post, many thanks!]).

If you want an antidote to the swoonfest over the former mayor of New York, I recommend PowersPoint, a moderately liberal blog that doesn't pretend the Left is infallible or immaculate.

Run by Kirsten Powers, it also has other contributors who have jointly managed to compile an interesting set of links on Mr. Giuliani.

Look, I can appreciate his good features, but the GOP is basically asking the SoCons to sell their soul for...what? Judicial appointments that may or may not pan out? That's pretty much all he's hinting at.

And don't get me started on the Catholic angle, either--he threatens to make Kerry look good, for the love of Pete.

Don't sign me up.

It's a boomlet, and it will pass. Because if it doesn't, it looks like I'm leaving the top part of the ballot unmarked in '08.

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