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Monday, November 02, 2015

Yes, I wore a costume for Halloween.

We attended a party hosted by some dear friends we haven't seen in forever. The kids made out like bandits trick or treating, too.

Anyway, I acquired a gray wig and beard, and ported around a wooden sword and my walking staff.

The idea? Gandalf, of course!

The actual result, visually? 

Really, really old Hagrid. 


  1. Well, before you got to the staff part, I thought you were going to say RE Lee. Couldn't have been any worse than the wig and beard Martin Sheen wore in Gettysburg.

    Good for you for dressing up. I'm sure your kids loved it and it will be a great memory for them. We trot out the pic of my wife dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein every couple years and it still produces howls of laughter with family and friends alike!

  2. Yeah, they did get a kick out of it. And it turned out that the wig and beard were very effective in fending off the drizzle that started near the end of the candy gathering.

    And I've warned my kids: *MY* Dad won a Halloween costume contest at the local VFW dressing up as the Tooth Fairy. Behave, or I'll re-institute that family tradition. :)


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