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Monday, November 02, 2015

Paging Tom Kratman. Tom Kratman, to the courtesy phone, please.

Seven years ago, I reviewed Caliphate, the dystopic sci-fi thriller from the pen of retired army officer Tom Kratman. I stand by the review: read it--it's a fine page turner.

Little did I know when I wrote it, however, that it would become topical. 

Europe's migrant flood has reached Caliphate levels--at least in Deutschland. 
Germany's Muslim population is set to nearly quadruple to an astonishing 20 million within the next five years, according to a demographic forecast by Bavarian lawmakers.
The German government expects to receive 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, and possibly even more in 2016. After factoring in family reunifications -- based on the assumption that individuals whose asylum applications are approved will subsequently bring an average of four additional family members to Germany -- that number will swell exponentially. This is in addition to the 5.8 million Muslims already living in Germany.
According to the president of the Bavarian Association of Municipalities (Bayerische Gemeindetag), Uwe Brandl, Germany is now on track to have "20 million Muslims by 2020." The surge in Germany's Muslim population represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that will change the face of Germany forever, "but we are just standing by, watching it happen."
Addressing an expo in Nuremburg on October 14, Brandl warned that untrammeled migration will entail heavy costs for German taxpayers and may also lead to social unrest. He said:
"A four-member refugee family receives up to 1,200 euros per month in transfer payments. Plus accommodation and meals. Now go to an unemployed German family man who has worked maybe 30 years, and now with his family receives only marginally more. These people are asking us whether we politicians really see this as fair and just."
Brandl said this also applies to the electronic health card, which provides asylum seekers with the same benefits as Germans who have paid into the health insurance system for many years. To criticize this as unfair has "nothing to do with racism or right-wing extremism."
Brandl's concerns are echoed in a leaked intelligence document, which warns that the influx of more than one million migrants from the Muslim world this year will lead to increasing political instability in Germany.
Just how on earth do Germany's ruling elites think they can pull this off without serious problems?


  1. Funny, my sister and her German husband just bought a house in Florida. I suspect that rather being the "summer" home they intended; this will become something far, far more permanent.

  2. I enjoyed Kratman's Caliphate a great deal. At this point, I'm not sure the nuking of a half dozen US cities would "wake up" the US for long. Much of that book made me uncomfortable.

    Kratman did a couple (?) "shared universe" novels with John Ringo in the Posleen War. The "Watch on the Rhine" by Kratman and Ringo I thought added alot to the storyline. If you enjoy reasonably plausable techno alien invasion stories, I'd recommend the first three Posleen books from Ringo.

    I sit here in central cali and watch the HUGE influx of illegals from mexico and points south so I can't find too much disdain for the Germans. Candidly, I think this civilization is toast.


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