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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Once you've seen Gallagher smash one watermelon... you really need to see him smash another five to get the point?

That's my essential reaction to the latest Scalfari interview revelation, wherein the Pope told his nonagenarian journalist pal about his big plans for communion.

Wherein the same, tired schtick began once again:

1. First, there's the publication of a newspaper interview.
2. Check to see if there's a TRANSLATION! argument to be made. Nope--it's Scalfari. So, move down the schematic to:

3. What a terrible, no-good, very bad reporter Scalfari is. 

Despite the Pope talking to him, what, five times now?

And despite the Vatican publishing house printing up a Scalfari interview for public consumption, but hey--ignoring the puzzled-looking parlor elephant is part of the schtick.

4. The harried Father Lombardi issues a denial which, when unpacked, does not actually deny.

5. Fruitless arguments commence and then sputter out until the next interview.

Anyone else a little bored with this yet?

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