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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Lives Matter.

Most definitely, they do. And let's admit there is an antagonistic relationship between police departments and black men that leads to innocent black men being shot and--yes--murdered. We practice a destructive form of denial if we try to pretend that racism isn't a part of it.

All that said, I can't get on board with BLM for one simple fact: they only get involved when some black lives are affected. Namely, those killed by law enforcement.

For example, if you are a black man shot near a BLM protest by someone not carrying a badge, your shooting will not get a hashtag, let alone one that reads #BlackLivesMatter.

You're just #MondayNightintheBigCity.


  1. If you are a black cop that is killed I don't think the the BLM folks pay much attention either.

  2. And they're all pro-abort. So it's not about, never had been about, and will never be about "black lives".
    It's the same old Marxist BS it's always been.

    And, no, I don't buy that " racism" is involved.

  3. No, racism isn't involved in every white-cop-black-victim shooting. But I can't help but think it plays a role in some.