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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yes. Bingo.

The repetitive, predictable and wholly unserious moral finger-wagging which happens after the mass slaughters by Muslim terrorists has gotten to be a bit wearing. Let Mollie Hemingway explain its overarching uselessness in this tidy sixteen point list.

And, yes, No. 16 is perfect--but it's not only atheists who do it. I treat atheist arguments from scripture to support their preferred policy ends the same way I treat a thrice-divorced chap's lectures on marital fidelity: 

But you can laugh that BS off pretty easily. When the finger-wagging comes with the rattle of Rosary beads, it's much worse.

Before I jettisoned Facebook again, my readings contained a strong strain of mockery and anathema sit towards those who wanted to put any limits on the plans to import 85,000 people from Syria. 

Apparently, only a bad Catholic would think it is imprudent to import tens of thousands of impossible-to-vet refugees from a war zone when it's undisputed that the plot used the refugee stream to import at least one of the Paris massacre perpetrators and six of the attackers spent time in Syria....?

Got it. No, really--got it.

Oh, and finally: spare me the SEE THIS TV SHOW TALKING HEAD UTTERLY DESTROY ISIS IN THIS VIDEO!!!!! nonsense. 

Unless he moonlights with the Legion Etrangere and was in a French fighter-bomber over the weekend, he didn't destroy shit. He just postured for ratings and impressed a few educated morons who imagine themselves to be smart because they have the correct opinions about how the world should work.

But I repeat myself.


  1. Since SJWs create their own reality via moral preening, there's no need for them to worry about such messy details as consequences.

    They can be self-assured that any such concerns are just the smoke screen for being hateful hatey haters.

    And if something bad does happen, why, that's just in response to the bitter clinger's xenophobia and racisim, so we will have to address the REAL problem.

    See how simple it is?

  2. The SJWs I shrug off. They're just powermongers engaged in a jihad against the demonic enemies of the Left. I expect nothing from them save rage, rationales for destructive behavior, emoting in place of thinking and deceit.

    I expect better of Catholics, though. However, I think it's time to start revising my expectations downward. Increasingly, we just ape our favored political tribe and justify it with sanctimony.

  3. The Venn diagram with "SJW" and "Catholic" is an intersecting one....

    As for tribalism... yeah. When the ivory tower has deconstructed everything else but tribal identity - there will be trickle-down into the general culture.

    "Interesting times" ahead.

  4. "The Venn diagram with "SJW" and "Catholic" is an intersecting one...."

    True, that.


    Interesting, indeed.

  5. The ONLY refugees the US should be taking in from Iraq and Syria are the Christians being persecuted and massacred by fanatical Muslims (I would include taking in the Yazidis). And perhaps a few Muslims who made the mistake of thinking they could trust the US to back them as tried to civilize their savage co-religionists.

    But I say NO to importing vast masses of Muslims whose belief in a savage, evil, and barbaric death cult puts them immediately at odds with the best ideas and beliefs of the West. We should not be undermining and destabilizing ourselves with a large minority who hate us.

    Rather, what the US should do is help to resettle refugee Muslims in OTHER Muslim countries. Or even in a pacified Syria/Iraq (assuming we ever get serious about destroying al-Qaeda and the Islamic State). Preferably Saudi Arabia and the other oil sheikhs would be forced to foot the bill for that.

    Sean M. Brooks