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Friday, November 06, 2015

Commies Lie.

Much ink and more pixels have been deployed discussing the rise of China, and I'll not go into that here. 

But if you aren't skeptical of the official line pedaled by Beijing, you are something of a nincompoop. You might be a well-regarded nincompoop, like Tom Friedman--but you are still a nincompoop.

Recently, the Han Money Marxists noted that there was something of a typo in their previous reports of coal consumption. To the tune of a 17.2% underestimate.


Communism, being a lie from its first principles, perpetuates itself with the same. Just as every Five Year Plan success was announced even while the Soviets were importing grain, so every report from China should be given the gimlet eye.

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  1. How did the NYT ever get the nickname "The Gray Lady". It seems like pink would be more appropriate.