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Friday, June 22, 2007

You've been punked--OR NOT__UPDATED.

There's been understandable indignation about an alleged example of liturgical dance involving some fetching young things at a "Franciscan Jubilee Mass for women religious."

The only problem?

It's fake. And I can prove it.

Look at the second photo, particularly the priest's left hand, and the outstretched arm of the dancer. (1) Given the position of his hand, how can she be that close to the altar? The quick answer: she can't. (2) The lighting is off when you look at her arm, compared to the rest of the photo. Awfully shiny arm given the way the surrounding part of the photo is lit.

Finally, look at the rest of the Mass--gold chalices and patens, proper vestments. This isn't the National Association of Rebellious Nuns praying to the four winds, folks. If the legitimate parts of the pics are a Jubilee Mass, then we can all relax and be thankful for the selfless service of the women being so honored.

Someone's trying to pull a funny. And it worked.

[Thanks to Paul Borealis at Phil Blosser's blog for kicking my brain into gear.]

[UPDATE, 6/23/07: God in heaven, it's authentic. Mr. Abbott sent me a lot more info including one of the ladies in question holding the chalice. Apologies to Mr. Abbott for going off half-cocked.

It takes a lot to appall me in the liturgical world these days, but this one is off the scale.

A week in the stocks and a rattan caning for those who organized this would be a good start.]

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