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Friday, June 08, 2007

Michigan: It's a whole 'nother place.

Wheelchair-bound man stuck in grille of semi-truck for two miles, is unhurt.

Ben Carpenter is used to being on wheels. Just not in this way.

Carpenter, 21, who was pushed for 2 miles down a two-lane highway when his wheelchair got stuck in the grille of a semi, said he was helpless. He just had to ride it out.

"I tried to yell for help but no one could hear me," he said Thursday.

The truck driver had no idea someone was stuck in his grille Wednesday afternoon until he turned into the lot of his business and was stopped by an undercover police officer who had spotted the incident on the highway.

The truck, Carpenter said, was going 50 m.p.h. Luckily, he always straps himself into the chair, so he felt secure that he wouldn't fall out. But he was pretty sure he was going to die.

"I didn't know how far he was going," he said of the driver, whose name was not released Thursday. "I think people were looking at me."

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