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Monday, June 11, 2007


With an interesting meme: Things/People That Don't Bother/Worry Me.

You're supposed to come up with thirty, but we'll see. With some annotation:

1. Protestant fundamentalists. They're on the same side about 85% of the time, aren't pumping the culture full of crap, and I'm comfortable enough to swat them aside when they get up in my face about the other 15%.

2. Seat belt laws.

3. Helmet laws. I don't need to feel the curb running through my hair, thanks.

4. Dishabited nuns. I've met some very orthodox ones, believe it or not.

5. Vaccination requirements. My thought is that this shouldn't be an issue, but it's a strange world getting stranger.

6. Getting asked for an ID when making a debit card purchase.

7. Instant replay. Get the call right.

8. Mitt Romney's Mormonism. Could. Not. Care. Less. Don't buy the LDS narrative even slightly, but that's not the reason I haven't warmed to the guy. In fact, I liked the response he gave at the last debate, refusing to put daylight between himself and his faith. Good for him. That takes clockweights.

9. The New Atheism. Vaguely irritating, but far from bothersome. Just what is new about it, anyway?

10. NHL shootouts. Who likes a tie?

11. Andrew Greeley. Sorry--I've tried to work up outrage at the windy Irishman, but I can't. He's the most likeable--and, yes, constructive--of the Class of '67. He can be (intentionally) laugh out loud funny, too.

12. A certain alleged Roman something or other.

13. The music of John Foley of the STL Jebbies. He had all the talent in that band.

14. The Notre Dame Fight Song.

15. Andrew Sullivan. What a difference not reading him makes.

16. Long memes.

17. Gas grills. Sometimes, you just have to use the Barbie grills in a pinch. It doesn't make you a bad person. For the most part.

18. Vegetarians. As opposed to vegans.

19. George Steinbrenner.

20. Parts of the State of Ohio.

21. Traffic slowdowns. As long as I have my tapes/CDs and a functional A/C, let it ride.

22. Mild-to-moderate profanity/scatology. As long as the kids aren't within earshot.

23. Macro-brew beer.

24. San Antonio Spurs fans. Most of the time.

25. Nuclear power.

26. Blizzards.

27. Waiting in line to get your license plates renewed. See #21, add "books."

28. Non-obscene spam. Click, delete and move on.

29. The French.

30. Very, very long memes.

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