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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cutest dodge of the year.

Courtesy of the Michigan franchise of the ACLU.

The ACLU says that the use of student fees at a public university to build facilities for use by adherents of one religion is just okey-dokey fine.

Specifically, the University of Michigan is spending student fee money to build Muslim footbaths.

The Detroit ACLU branch is down with that, and their reasoning wins them the right to trademark the term "casuistry," free and clear for the next fifty years:

The Detroit chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union isn't getting involved, arguing the foot baths are secular since non-Muslims could use them, said spokeswoman Rana Elmir.

They don't make hip-waders strong enough to withstand BS like that.

Thought experiment: imagine using student fees to install holy water fonts outside the "reflection room" at the University. After all, anybody could dip their fingers into one. I suspect you could count on the Detroit chapter being all over that idea like a terrier on a hambone.

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