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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ave Verlander Imperator!

Justin handcuffs the Brewers for the sixth no-hitter in Tigers history, the first since 1984 (a very good year) and the first home no-no since Virgil Trucks in 1952.

Fun fact: his fastball peaked at 102 mph.

In the ninth inning.

Let me also offer rare praise to Neifi "Balsa Bat" Perez, who aspires to one day be a slap hitter.

The man is rock-solid defensively, and if it hadn't been for a beautiful stab at a grounder and backhand toss to start a double play in the eighth, we wouldn't be talking about a no-hitter today. He officially has a free pass on his grim at-bats until September.

Bonus fun: the title refers to a concluding scene in a sci-fi book. A super-secret prize to the first non-author who can guess the book--by Friday.

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