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Friday, April 13, 2007

Yes, I occasionally do requests!

Amy Welborn has asked me to post my comment over at MCJ. Who am I to say no? Especially with high praise like that--thanks!

A little background--The Episcopal Church's bishops basically told Archbishop Rowan Williams and his fellow Archbishops to stuff a proposed compromise that would have, among other things, provided breathing space for the beleaguered orthodox congregations in progressive diocese.

At the same time, they sent a condescending invite to the Archbishop to come to the U.S. to talk. Archbishop Williams' spokesman has told them that he will be on sabbatical, and simply can't meet them. Even though he'll be in the U.S. part of the time.

Inspired by that classically English smackdown, I came up with:

The Top Ten Things Rowan Williams Would Rather Do Than Meet With TEC's Hapless Bench During His Sabbatical

10. Use a fiberglass suppository.

9. Read Forcefielder's Choice: The Very Best of Frank Griswold.

8. Audition for American Idol by singing "My Humps," with Simon as the only judge.

7. Become The Official Archbishop of the Detroit Lions.

6. Attend a Yoko Ono concert.

5. Be interviewed by Don Imus.

4. Headbutt a wasp's nest.

3. Slow-dance with Courtney Love.

2. Appear on Celebrity Jeopardy: NHL Trivia Edition.

And the number one thing Archbishop Williams would rather do than meet with TEC's Paladins of Polity:

1. Three words: Live organ transplants.

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