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Monday, April 30, 2007

Only the calendar dates change.

A snapshot from the Lions' Draft War Room on Saturday.

Kev thinks I'm trying to change the subject by talking about the Freckled Beckenbauer and his dominating performance on Saturday.

Another receiver?! No, that doesn't bother me at all. They need one, after blowing two of their first rounders on first class duds. Johnson's the real deal, so I had no problem with that. Sad to say, it's the only pick that made sense.

It was the rest of the draft that made no sense. An injury-plagued QB, a defensive line project, an injury-plagued safety, and a low-rated O-lineman.

So, their second pick was for an offensive skill position when they have screaming needs at linebacker and at the corner. Apparently Mike Martz has been serving up the Kool-Aid in great big flagons, and Millenelli have drunk themselves silly.


If nobody gets hurt.

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