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Friday, April 13, 2007

A cool find.

Mark Sullivan's always-interesting Irish Elk blog has a post about WW2 American warplane nose art. Richard Bong, America's reigning top ace (40 confirmed kills), earns the "awww" award with his sweetheart's photo. Others--are less so. Note especially "Hump Time," based in the Far East with regular flights over the Himalayas.

America's fighting men have been creative in finding ways around doubts about the virtue of their naming practices.

For example, there was a remote American base established in the jungles of northern Australia during the war, far from the lovely Australian lasses in the urban south.

The lonely GIs called the base--with a big sign over the entrance--"Camp Lackanookie."

When questioned by curious/suspicious Aussies about the provenance of the title, the GIs solemnly informed the questioners that it was "an old Indian name."

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