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Thursday, April 19, 2007

In the media circle of Hell, the damned are suspended above eternally-burning copies of the Nielsen ratings and/or circulation numbers.

[Language is rough in this one. Sorry, but there it is.]

And it's still too kind a fate for them.

Maybe they have rivers of boiling shit, too. That'd be a start.

I thought it would be hard to top the Phelpsite cult's promise to protest at the VT funerals. Or the L-Hubbardans issuing press releases about psychiatric medication [paging Dr. Cruise, paging Dr. Cruise].

But the race to the bottom has two new leaders. Thanks to media recti NBC and the Detroit News (who put the murderous little turd above the fold on the front page holding two pistols, under "WAR IS DECLARED"-size type), we now have C*o S***g-*u* (I'm not giving him any more pub), Superstar. Yeah--there's a great deterrent to the murder-minded in our unbalanced world: glorify the evil offal who do this. Give them in death what is "denied" to them in life.

[As an aside, bravo, bravo and bravo again to the Detroit Free Press, whose front page today featured only pictures of the victims. The Freep is renowned for a liberal editorial line, and the News for an economic conservative one. Score a big one for the liberals.]

Remind me why NBC fired Imus again? Something about "enough being enough?" Mmm-kay.

And don't tell me about the internal "debate" and ""soul-searching" that preceded this important decision in the prurient--er, "public interest." None of that means a damn thing when you make the obviously repellent decision--in fact, it makes it worse. "I thought about it for a long time, considered all the alternatives, and weighed the effects before I decided to act," sayeth the rapist. Blow it out your ass.

Just a reminder: When you do that sort of thing in a killing it's murder one, jerkwad.

Remember all the high media dudgeon about the Fox OJ Confession Special and book?

That was awesome!

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