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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How long do I have to keep pretending these people are Christians?

I think I'll stop now.

Some members of The Anti-Church are pissed that other people haven't yet pulled a D & E on their own conscience. Solution: Agree with us or else.

Here's a better idea: Why don't you use some of that Piskie trust fund money you pricks have cascading out of your pockets and build all the human chop shops you want? Sell some of those old properties and commission some crop dusters to drop morning-after pills, or re-fit ice-cream trucks to pass out diaphragms and condoms--playing "Somebody To Love" or similar songs from the era where your taste and good sense ossified. The possibilities are endless, really. And it shows a lot more integrity (that whole "money where your mouth is" thing) than battering someone else into accepting your worldview.

Then again, "integrity" and "progressive Episcopalian" are rarely seen in each other's company these days.

Don't let the crew-cut and pinched, hectoring expression fool you: Kate Ragsdale is a hideously unpleasant being. I'd say "abortion whore," but that's not fair to practitioners of the world's oldest profession.

An acolyte of Elizabeth Bathory is more like it.

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