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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

While it would have been nice if you had called first...

Yesterday, the nearest and dearest called me and advised that this blog had received a printed plug in the National Catholic Register newspaper. Specifically, in Eric Scheske's blog column--in the Arts and Culture page, no less.

DM was listed as a recommendation in the "Wit Lit" category, which sounds suspiciously like "witless" when you say it fast, but no matter. Thanks, Eric!

So, to you newbies who are venturing here for the first time, welcome! We talk about all sorts of things here: religion (doy), family (that's me and my pistol-packing little brother right below), sci-fi/fantasy (the novels of S.M. Stirling and the new version of Battlestar Galactica being favorites), culture, law and even occasionally politics (but I'm pretty well burnt out on the last).

I also quote movies and make other pop culture references here. A whole lot. Even--especially--when it's tangental to the point.

As a result, I am at a near-complete loss to sum up the blog with an analogy or catchphrase. If you like your humor gentle, wry and observational, you'll run out of here screaming in about, say, five minutes. But if you can handle a two-star pub atmosphere with elbow jostling, dart throwing and the not-so-occasional flying barstool, you'll do just fine, mate.

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