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Friday, January 05, 2007

Christina Denwiddie, 1972-2007.

Christina, dear friend of our family and infrequent commenter at this blog, died this morning from a relapse of cancer. We learned she was going into hospice care last evening (Tony and Christina tried to avoid "burdening" people with bad news), but she never made it home. She had remained cheerful when we spoke and visited with her, but she never really healed from the surgery. She was readmitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve. She never left.

She was a twice-published author of fantasy short stories (under her maiden name of Krueger), a great story teller, and always filled with laughter. Her favorite trilogy was the Dies The Fire series, and I am happy to report she was able to finish A Meeting At Corvallis before she passed. The kids knew her as "Aunt Christina," and rightfully so. If we have another girl, she will bear the name Christina.

I can come up with a long list of people whom the Almighty could have taken before her, but He mysteriously took this great soul to Himself first.

Remember her and her bereaved husband Tony in your prayers today.

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