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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Well, Dave, I couldn't find a .jpeg of anyone projectile vomiting...

Does that help? :)

Seriously, the Lions are about two years away from being a realistic contender for a playoff spot. Mariucci will turn this bunch around, but it's going to take player turnover and a vast upgrade in crucial skill positions like running back, wide receiver and the defensive secondary. Plus, Harrington really has to develop this year.

This year? I had hoped for 7-9 as an outside shot. Not gonna happen--the road schedule is monstrous. This is a 5-11 or 6-10 team. Which is a welcome improvement, given that they've won 5 games over the last two seasons.

What Mariucci may have done this year is to loosen the grip the Pack has on the Upper Peninsula. I know several diehard Packer-backers up there whose allegiances are in some turmoil now that Detroit's hired a bona-fide Yooper. Wait and see.

And expect a much, much tougher fight at Ford Field later this year.

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