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Monday, September 15, 2003

"...Michigan posted the first shutout in the series since its 23-0 win in 1902."

Heh, heh, heh. That was fun.

BTW, I really miss Lou Holtz as ND's head guy. Willingham is a fine coach, but he and Lloyd Carr took the same course on how to handle questions from reporters. Rule No. 1 of this course apparently is: "If it's not a coma-inducing platitude or deflection, don't speak." Rule No. 2: "Where possible, mutter in monosyllables." I guess it works. Tends to keep the conferences short.

Holtz was more entertaining: he was charismatic enough to make you wonder if he was serious when he claimed that the thought of playing Rice or Baylor was causing him to wake up sweat-soaked and shrieking with fear--and that was on the sidelines late in the fourth quarter with the Irish leading 49-0. "Boy, that Helen Keller Institute team has got some tough players, let me tell you..."

Anyway, time to worry about Oregon.

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