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Thursday, September 11, 2003

OK. Here's my letter to Sr. Maureen Fay at UDM.

Re: The CTA conference.

Yes, I was nice.


Dear Sr. Maureen Fay:

Through a friend, I recently learned that UDM is sponsoring a Call to Action seminar featuring Agnes Mansour, Christine Vladimiroff, Anita Caspary, and Margaret Susan Thompson.

I became a Catholic three years after my graduation from the UDM School of Law. But even while I was there, I was impressed with the decision of the School of Law to refuse admission to Jack Kevorkian for a seminar on end-of-life issues and then-recent case law. It just made sense, in light of the School's professed Catholic character.

As the late Cardinal Bernardin said, the Church's various teachings on the sanctity of all human life are a seamless garment--to pull one thread is to unravel it all.

Unfortunately, all of these featured CTA speakers have gleefully shredded that garment through their poor witness, especially Agnes Mansour, who chose to serve politics instead of her vocation to defend the most defenseless among us.

To say that I am dismayed by this development is an understatement.

If you check your records, you will be able to verify that I am a past alumni donor to the UDM School of Law. What your records will not reveal is that I received a raise and am much more able to support my alma mater. However, in light of the decision of that alma mater to host such a conference, I am now unwilling. I respectfully request that you reconsider.


Dale Price
University of Detroit Mercy
School of Law ('96)

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