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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Clarifying a common misconception on gameday.

I haven't gotten a lot of questions from non-Catholic friends about my conversion. Seems a little strange, especially when you consider the winsome, irenic side of my personality that often shines in this blog. Only one of my friends has had any "why do Catholics do that?" kind of questions, and that's pretty much petered (ha!) out.

However, there is one exception to this polite silence. One question that has recurred fairly consistently. One query that is posed, approximately twice a year, starting in September:

"So, don't you have to be a Notre Dame fan now?"

Smiling, I politely say "No, I do not."

Now, certain common claims are true: after receiving Confirmation at the 1999 Easter Vigil, I received a box from the Vatican containing the Decoder Ring, a receiver for the Pope Signal, and a punch card indicating I and my future wife would receive cumulative 10% discounts from the Vatican City Gift Shoppe for every child we have. In addition, Heather got the toaster oven and 5000 bonus points toward salvation for returning a heretic to the true Faith.

All that stuff is true, but no, I don't have to root for the Frickin--er, Fightin' Irish. The latest message for the Decoder Ring hasn't indicated a policy change.

So I still get to root for the Wolverines. Go Blue!

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