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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Sorry, Casey.

The special misery of Mets fans remains the exclusive property of the 1962 expansion team. 120 will remain associated with only one franchise, thank you very much. Odd as it sounds, 119 is a much smaller number.

The Detroit Tigers evaded history today, battering the playoff-bound Twins, 9-4.

A week ago, they were a cinch not only to break the mark, but to shatter it. They'd lost sixteen of seventeen. Instead of mailing it in, the overmatched Tigers rose up, taking five of the last six. They've actually been fun to watch, doing all the little things to win over the past six games (the only loss by a run in 11 innings) that they failed to do for most of the previous 156.

But, we'll take it. And we'll happily leave infamy--and the albatross--to the denizens of Shea. It belongs in New York. It can stay there.

By the way: it's nice to not have the knack for prophecy.

I'll leave the last word to the exhausted author of the Detroit Tigers Weblog--a man with a cast iron stomach--when he gets around to it.

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