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Monday, June 02, 2003

Speaking of Anti-Semitism...

Here's an example of the real thing--in a large circulation, previously respectable American newspaper, no less.

The Chicago Trib's cartoon would not have been even slightly out of place in a Julius Streicher production.

Where the hell were the editors? Wasn't there anyone who walked up to the cartoonist and said, "Uh, Dick, I think there might be a problem with your premise here. You know: the idea that Jews are just hook-nosed opportunists motivated only by money. Yeah. It's been done before. A lot. By people we don't really want the Trib to be associated with. No, no--not Republicans. Even worse than that..."

Instead it goes straight to publication. Amazing.

That we live in times where this sort of thing is becoming respectable again is unnerving.

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