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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

If you'd like something visual/That's not too abysmal/...

...We could take in this Mark Sullivan post.

Fine, it doesn't rhyme. Neither did that part of the original song.

It involves some decidedly...unique...religious art by a Jesuit priest in St. Louis, Missouri. Don't miss the machete-wielding newspaper review, either.

If there's ever an award for Most Frequent Depiction of the Ol' Speedbag in Devotional Art, I think we have our winner. [Yep, nudity alert. Duh.]

I'll dissent slightly from the general condemnation and say I found a couple of the pieces to be not bad, and one was actually affecting. Trust me--it's really not worth the effort to find.

Update: Upon further review...
The piece I liked suffers from the same, um, focus (if you will) as the rest of Fr. McNally's, er, opus. It was just less obvious as the latter.

The call is reversed. It's officially all crap.

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