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Monday, June 02, 2003

Got badly sunburnt yesterday.

But it was worth it. Me and one of my best homies (nothin' but love for ya--you know who you are, dog!) watched Rocket Roger Clemens blow his second opportunity to win 300 games Sunday at the CoPa. Clemens had a 7-1 lead against the Toledo MudHens' major league affiliate, which seemed like a pretty sure bet for history. Homes is a diehard BoSox fan, and consequently was of mixed feelings regarding the possibility of seeing history.

[What follows is a paraphrase of our conversation, colored by sunstroke and a Budweiser whose cost put a dent in the kids' college fund, shortly after the Motor City Kitties went down 7-1]

Me: "Looks like Roger's got 300."

Homes: "Roger's mental. If the Tigers put a couple over the plate, he could easily blow it."

Me: "Ahhh. OK. [Slurps beer]"

Sure enough, Detroit put a couple over the plate, which turned into five, and an inning later the possibility of witnessing history was history.

I was still a part of the largest crowd in CoPa history, though.

Did the Tigers win? Oh, come on. They won Saturday. Detroit doesn't do winning streaks.

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