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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

"Or for some other grave reason making him unsuited for the fulfillment of his office ...."

The Pope has accepted the resignation of Thomas O'Brien, Bishop of Phoenix and accused hit and run driver.

For the sake of his immortal soul, I hope he was blind, stinking drunk the night of the accident. Because the alternative is that he knowingly left a badly injured man behind without at least trying to get help--and the man died.

Of course, his behavior since has had the hallmarks of a guilty man--knowing the police were trying to contact him about the accident but ignoring the request, calling to have the windshield replaced, staying with his sister.

Lastly, the "I think I might have hit a cat" excuse has made him as credible as a three dollar bill. If I fired both of our cats out of a cannon I couldn't do this much damage to a windshield.

Perhaps someone could translate "I think I might have hit a cat" into Latin, and emblazon that on the logo of the USCCB. It works on many different levels.

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