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Monday, June 16, 2003

I am not worthy.

Right now, my wife and son are waiting in line to see if they can get free tickets to see sports talk show host Jim Rome (he of Jim Rome's Jungle and ESPN's Rome Is Burning, and the infamous Jim "Chris" Everett interview). It's Tour Stop 31, don't you know? Er, apparently not.

She's been waiting for the better part of two hours now. Fortunately there's shade, and a tolerable, if not comfortable, place to sit. The boy is apparently cool with the whole thing, and Heather had books she is reading.

The bad news is that she may only be able to get one ticket (I need two), if they don't count D3 as an eligible customer. Come on.

The good (nay, miraculous!) news is that I have a wife willing to do such things for her dork of a husband.

Thanks, hon.

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