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Thursday, June 05, 2003

It ain't necessarily Sosa.

The rest of Sammy's bats came up cork-free. Given the fact the 76 bats in question were actually confiscated from the Wrigley locker room "several innings" after the bat broke, it isn't exactly the clear exoneration I'd hoped for, but I'll take it.

George Will has weighed in, and he thinks the x-ray findings are significant. He also recounts an anecdote about the late Bart Giamatti that's worth reading.

Update: Two more Sosa bats pass the test, although one didn't survive the process.

Why do I care? No, I'm not a Cubs fan, and I'm even less enamored with Cubs fandom, over-represented by atmosphere-hungry yuppies content with mediocrity.

But I do like Sosa, who has been a fine ambassador for a game that desperately needs Good Guys. He's been a 21st Century Ernie Banks, and I don't want him turning into a 21st Century Black Sock. So far, so good.

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