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Monday, March 17, 2003

Make up your mind.

Isn't it odd that the rest of the planet shrieks at us for "unilateralism" when it comes to the issue of the disarmament of Iraq, but positively demands it on the question of the disarmament of North Korea: "You talk to Crazy Kim, Uncle Sam."

It makes sense, but only if you regard it as a strategy which supports whatever hobbles America the most. Whatever approach America tries--that's the wrong one.

The fix is in.

Far from ensuring a restrained America operating only within the context of carefully-regulated international institutions, it promotes the growth of a sullen isolationism which prefers to take its ball and go home. At least until the next catastrophic assault on the country which leaves thousands or millions dead.

In which case (God forbid), the world would see a truly unilateral America. As Leon Podles noted at Touchstone's blog (scroll down to March 8, 7:12am):

The United States has behaved with enormous restraint, but war brutalizes. We destroyed German and Japanese cities in our fury at being dragged into the war, even though our own civilian population was untouched. How would we respond with 20 million Americans dead?

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