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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Al Reutera gripes about media bias.

Irony...overload...must get...antidote..........

Ah, that's better. You see: it's pro-America media bias that's the problem. Welcome to Bizarro World. This from the "news" service that doesn't use the term "terrorist" and says al Qaeda is "allegedly" behind the 9/11 attacks. Note that there apparently isn't a problem with al-Jazeera cheerleading for jihad, or circulating death porn for the Arab street:

I have confirmed that the Al-Jazeera tape, all twelve minutes of it, is merely an excerpt of the hour-long version being shown regularly in Egypt and elsewhere. The short version shows the interrogation of some U.S. soldiers and the defamed dead bodies of others. The longer version includes all that, plus the murders and later abuse and mutilation of the bodies. Apparently, the whole thing is out there on the internet.

Nah, no problem with that. Reporters wearing flags: that's the real atrocity!

Enjoy Mr. Spiegelman's alternate universe commentary. Just make sure you have a salt lick handy--a mere grain will not suffice.

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