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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Good News from...............France!

No, there isn't a radon problem here. Why do you ask?

A few pieces showing that the spirit of resistance is not quite dead in Petai--er, Chirac's France.

No, not all Frenchmen are in the bag. Novelist Pascal Bruckner, philosopher Andre Glucksman and filmmaker Romain Goupil published a letter in Le Monde supporting the overthrow of Hussein (the translation is a little spotty, but you get the idea).

Doctors Without Borders founder Bernard Kouchner, while generally speaking opposed to the war, supports the overthrow of Hussein.

Even a prominent member of Chirac's party, Alain Madelin, called for France to support the U.S. position on Iraq:

In a move that surprised many politicians, Alain Madelin, a former minister of industry and member of President Jacques Chirac's conservative party, challenged the prevailing mood in Paris by calling for support of Washington and its war plans.
In what appeared to be an answer to those members of the European Parliament who last week brandished placards saying, "No War," and "No war for oil," Mr. Madelin said:
"The United Nations has never distinguished itself by an ability to act. Our place today is at the side of the Americans to free the Iraqi people.
"Iraq's liberation would give the region hope for more freedom and prosperity," he added. "It would put pressure on authoritarian regimes, induce the Palestinians to abandon terrorism and open the way to a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian problem."

Finally, an example of cultural resistance, in the heart of Vichy Paris.

The spirit of the Maquis lives on.

[Thanks to Mark Cameron for the heads-up.]

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