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Monday, March 10, 2003

Justin Katz on La Deuxieme Affaire Dreher.

[I think I was the first one to call the furor over the first Dreher WSJ article L'Affaire Dreher. So, I can't help myself--my wife is a French teacher and offered her expertise. I think it's rather catchy. Apparently I'm the only one who thinks so, but....]

Mr. Katz lays bare the essential argument of the anti-Drehersards:

It occurs to me that Catholics of my general position, which may include Rod Dreher to some degree, are finding ourselves attacked from both sides, and by the same people. On the one hand, we are accused of a variant of the Americanist Heresy, as when Popcak so vehemently criticizes the exercise of some meager influence on Rod's part through free expression of his opinion. On the other hand, we are accused of wanting the Pope to play emperor and "micromanage" the American Church. Taken together, if they are not just contradictory assertions growing from inadequate consideration, these criticisms act as an ideological box with the effect of insisting that our heads remain bowed and our lips sealed. Taking this strategy, elements within our Church who are clearly acting in contravention to the Church's moral resolutions would be free of pressure from both below, among the laity, and above, from the Vatican.

All together now: "Read the whole thing."

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