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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Hockey and the War, Part II.

Wayne Gretzky recently made several comments supporting the war in Iraq. Apparently this got some Edmontonian's panties in a bunch, leading to a "U$ Lackey" graffito on the Gretzky statue.

Earlier this week, Gretzky praised Bush as a great leader, saying he backed him 100 percent. However, Gretzky also shied away from criticizing Canada's decision to stay out of the conflict.

"The reality is, you know, the people we should be concerned about are the people fighting in Iraq, the people who are there on the missions,'' Gretzky said Tuesday.

"We shouldn't be worried about what entertainers or athletes or Wayne Gretzky or Don Cherry says. It's immaterial.''

Luckily for the vandal, Dave "Cement Head" Semenko wasn't around to see it happen.

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