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Friday, February 14, 2003

Waning, But Not Entirely Vanished, Francophilia Dep't.

The World's Most Confused Jew (his description, not mine) gives a report on a demonstration by conservative Hoyas in front of the French Embassy. Complete with photos of the hilarious signs, and the tiny clump of bedraggled counter-protesters. [Via Instapundit]

Jacques Chirac had the misfortune of attracting the undivided attention of Christopher Hitchens recently. President Chirac is described thusly as a "vain and posturing and venal man who, attempting to act the part of a balding Joan of Arc in drag, is making France into the abject procurer for Saddam." However, Hitchens points out a historic streak of nobility in French behavior on the world scene--albeit one entirely absent from the present French leadership.

Read the whole thing.

R. Emmett Tyrell weighs in on the Entente Non Cordiale, and gives a report on a pro-American French philosopher fighting the good fight. Lousy French philosophers get a deserved caning. He also notes the likely response of the Entente upon Hussein's deposition.

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