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Monday, February 17, 2003

Bishop Gumbleton Versus America.

If you have ever seen Bishop Gumbleton protesting "aggression" by countries other than America, let me know. I haven't seen any evidence that such is the case. You would think that the bloody state of the planet would offer plenty of opportunities for him. What about, say, the admittedly brutal Russian campaign in Muslim Chechnya?

A savage war, and a humanitarian disaster. Surely the Bishop has spoken out against that, correct?

I googled "Gumbleton" and "Chechnya." The number of times the Bishop has spoken out on this tragedy? Let me express it in terms of a fraction.


The fact is that the Bishop doesn't get exercised unless the United States is involved. The smoking gun is found in a fatuous open letter from a claque of pseudo-intellectuals residing in "Amerika," published in Le Monde. In this April 9, 2002 celebration of vacuity entitled Letter From United States Citizens To Friends In Europe, the United States is held up as the font of planetary evil. More appropriately entitled From the Blind to The Venal, it is a celebration of America hatred. The signatories' world is a place where the United States has never defended any cause undeserving of extirpation. The defeat of slavery, the halting of imperial militarism, the obliteration of genocidal fascism, the vanquishing of equally-genocidal communism--None of these events happened in the alternate reality these moral voids live in.

Further evidence of the reality-challenged nature of the citoyens is seen in their continuing agnosticism as to the perpetrators of 9/11:

Traditionally, "defense" means defense of national territory. On September 11, an attack actually took place on and against U.S. territory. This was not a conventional attack by a major power designed to seize territory. Rather, it was an anonymous strike against particular targeted institutions. In the absence of any claim of responsibility, the symbolic nature of the targets may have been assumed to be self-explanatory.

Anonymous, eh? Those videotapes, audiotapes and general Al Qaeda gloating still leave some doubt? There are none so blind...

Just above it in the letter, one finds another disturbing paragraph:

Supposedly in self-defense, the United States launched a war against Afghanistan. This was not an action specially designed to respond to the unique events of September 11. On the contrary, it was exactly what the United States was already doing, and had already planned to do, as outlined in Pentagon documents: bomb other countries, send military forces onto foreign soil and topple their governments. The United States is openly planning an all-out war -- not excluding use of nuclear weapons -- against Iraq, a country it has been bombing for a decade, with the proclaimed aim of replacing its government with leaders selected by Washington.

The signatories have won their battle with reality, in a decisive, scorched-earth fashion. Reality's soil has been sown with salt. The population of Reality has been ethnically cleansed, and the survivors sold into slavery. Amongst the signers of the Clueless Manifesto?

"Thomas J. Gumbleton, Auxiliary Bishop, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit."

Note the precise nature of the gripe I've highlighted in bold: Hussein's savagery--his murders, tortures, rapes, wars, invasions, use of chemical weapons on civilians, his possession of anthrax, his lust for ever-more-potent weapons--is irrelevant. It pales next to the fact his tyranny is opposed by the United States. The "real" evil is the United States.

Remember that when American armored columns are greeted by cheering Iraqis.

Far from being a "peace" advocate, Bishop Gumbleton is a four-square defender of militarism, genocide, forced collectivization, ethnic cleansing, the proliferation of WMDs--the lot--if these causes are opposed by the might of the United States.

The "peace" ministry of Bishop Gumbleton is worthy only of utter contempt.

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