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Friday, February 14, 2003

Did you know that the trendy liturgists had their own website?

I didn't. It's called We Believe!

Yes, the exclamation point is in the original.

They even publish a newsletter. Some of it is unobjectionable--to a point. However, I get vertigo reading the grousing. It's a little like reading a San Francisco 49ers Fan Club newsletter whining about the success of the Detroit Lions.

But it is handy, because it shows how we get the Full Vosko in sacred art and architecture (if such can be termed "sacred" art and architecture):

The fourth and final shibboleth is the notion that there is a "distinctively Catholic" art and architecture which is visible and peculiarly "sacred" and hence appropriate to the liturgy. The "sacred" is not a quality that inheres in objects; it is not a thing, but a relationship, an encounter initiated by the Holy for the sake of bringing us into relation with itself. Art is born of that relationship—and hence sacred art can be any human activity brought to life by God.

Translation: "Silly immature Catholics--we Degreed Experts will tell you what 'art' is. And it isn't anything considered art before 1962. Why, art can be an abstract non-physical concept. In fact, the very unadorned lecture-hall quality of the building you are celebrating in is 'art,' because we are church. Never mind the fact your parents, grandparents and so on back through the centuries built up these forms and treasured these baubles as 'art.' We know art, they didn't and you don't. Which is why we're heaving your altar into a dumpster."

[Links via Bill Cork.]

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