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Thursday, February 20, 2003

The Disintegration of Yet Another Religious Order.

The Sisters of Mercy have gone over to the dark side. Sr. Linda Werthman announces that the Sisters have adopted a pious neutrality on the issue of abortion:

The Sisters of Mercy have a long and fruitful history of caring for life especially the life of the most vulnerable persons. To this end we sponsor education, health care and other ministries that further social, political, economic and spiritual well being in order to have a public presence and public voice in the complex issues facing Catholic and all persons of good will.

Are the unborn "persons," Sister? The word "complex" is always deployed when dissenters refuse to heed authority.

I can practically hear the scrabbling for the section of Aquinas discussing ensoulment. Of course, this is just about the only time 13th Century theology is regarded as infallible by these folks....

However, please note that this isn't the only "Sisters of Mercy." There are still those who follow foundress Catherine McAuley's vision.

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