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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Waffles, Anyone?

My 36 weeks pregnant wife went into (false) labor Monday, my daughter has ear infection No. X (not 10, X--I literally cannot remember how many she's had), and I've slept in chunklets. I plan on blogging about that here. Plus, I like spending time with my wife and daughter, and I have a day job which puts a few demands on my time, too.

As a result, after reviewing comments here and elsewhere, I see that I've wavered and waffled on numerous issues over the past day (here and at other blogs), from overly-conciliatory to spiked-club bluntness.

Since I prefer to adopt something approximating a firm position in my arguments (and I prefer the rapier to the club) this tells me I need to take a brief break. Those expecting answers clarifications in the comment boxes below, or in other comment boxes, or refinements of recent posts, will go a-begging. I need my sleep.

More tomorrow or Friday. Or Saturday.

In the meantime, there's my parsing of the Freep non-story below.

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